Art & exhibitions

Sound 4 Postboxes

A sound installation for four postboxes composed in 2018, solely based on soundrecordings from around the world.

Project Details

  • The soundinstallation consist of four postboxes each of them equipted with speakers. The four postboxes represent soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Together the four postboxes perform a composition
  • The project has been released on vinyl

The Motion of bodies. Four States of matter.

In collaboration with Polish-born installation artist Ada Kobusiewicz: All matter is alive and in process. A complex, interwoven web of materials, all affecting each other, competing, forming alliances, initiating new processes and dissipating others.

Project Details

  • Premiere at ESC gallery in Graz Austria 2016

The Anna Kazanova Project

In 2012 Strange Party Orchestra joined forces with the Ukrainian photographer Anna Kazanova, to create a unique and intense love affair between art photography and sound. The themes include the timelessness of human existence, fragility and isolation, but also the strength of humanity, nature and the elements.

Project Details

  • The exhibition has been shown in galleries and festivals in Europe for more than 17.000 visitors


In 2013 Strange Party Orchestra composed sound for The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark.

Project Details

  • By commission of The Museum of Contemporary Art Strange Party Orchestra composed sound for the museums mansion garden
  • The garden formed the viusal setting in where the sound created unxpected experiences.

State Of Art

STATE OF ART I II III is a proclamation to the single individual to forget norms and let curiosity, feelings and intellect rule instead. A proclamation to put art, and all that art contains, in the seat of honour.

Project Details

  • The performance of the three art pieces is based on a written contract between Strange Party Orchestra and painter Kristian von Hornsleth
  • In 2007 two out of three parts was performed. One remain for the future