This is the fourth and most brilliant CD by Strange Party Orchestra. A CD which is almost like a consistent cinematic fairytale from one end to another. A CD which takes form as a connected narrative soundtrack to a dark and rainy motion picture without a happy ending. Is it boring? Oh no, on the contrary it’s simple, but original, beautiful and in context.
- Ivan Rod / GAFFA

The CD ”Travellers´ Tale” is absolutely worth listening to, I would call it a shipment of un square music for a fairytale.
- Celine Deela /

“The music has a lot of foreign influence, but nevertheless it’s the most Danish I have heard for a long time”
- Ole Jall / Jazzspecial

These damned musicians choose their own paths to follow, disregarding the fencing wire others laboriously has put up. That is annoying, it really is! Listen to Strange Party Orchestra, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
- Jan Overgaard Mogensen / Undertoner

The cinematic music of the Strange Party Orchestra therefore became a positive and inspiring oasis.
- Koen Schouten / Jazzcoordinator at De Volkskrant, Holland

Strange Party came as "Unknown strangers" but became favourites! They presented the audience with real musical experiences. So thanks again and again.
- Peter Puskér / Music manager at Mediawave Film & Music Festival, Hungary 2006

Strange Party Orchestra is a inviting, imaginative, optimistic life-affirming acquaintance and they deserve full attention. - Gordon Inc. / BLENDER

Experimental jazz has never been played with so much conviction as Strange Party Orchestra. The music proves itself the perfect film soundtrack. It even sounds a little like some of the music from “The Big Blue” one of the most successful soundtracks ever.
- Samantha Kirby – The Cronicle

Danes blast off at new jazz venue!
Listening to the music of Strange Party Orchestra, one can easily imagine a drunken sailer in a old movie from 1956 sing a song about the seven seas and all the girlfriends left behind, but one could also easily imagine this music on a album from Tom Waits. Strange Party Orchestra is playing music, good music!
- The Inverness Courier

Their imaginative music is both striking and brightly played.
- The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Strange Party Orchestra! This profusely, wonderfull, youthful orchestra! The musicality is top class!
- Anders Kirkegaard / jazzspecial

The Train CD shines with the same claustrophobic, raw devil-may-care attitude that Tom Waits - and Danish Strange Party Orchestra – masters!
- By Ivan Rod / GAFFA

Fascinating soundscapes from the borderland between industrial real sound and music.
The unconventional Danish Orchestra Strange Party Orchestra continues with The Factory, where the orchestra left off on the previous album, The Train. That is, with the raw, often a-rhythmic and disharmonious sound collages, consisting of a mix of industrial real sound recordings and actual music. It is this mix that makes the orchestra's music so unique.
Surely the music contains elements of classical, folk, jazz and mariachi. (The latter genre is already a mix of tango, Latin, blues and eurogypsy). But it's also soundrecordings of the real life. And again-again must be noted that strange Party orchestra manages to create coherent soundscapes that assumes cinematic format.
It is thus no wonder that the orchestra minimalist - and sometimes bombastic – music is used in films, theater and New circus. The music demolishing brilliant manner conventions and genre boundaries and become something different and new, as I said - very fascinating and unpretentious. When you listen to The Factory, it's like you still - after The Train - is in motion, moving from one to something else. The Factory is as one coherent, abstract story about a transformation.
- Ivan Rod / GAFFA