Film sound and music

The Hourglass

In 2007 Strange Party Orcestra composed sound and music for the film The Hourglass.

Project Details

  • Feature film by Szabolcs Tolnai (HUN/SRB)
  • Two IBIS awards at Filmski Festival Srbije for best directing and best sound-mixing.

The Factory

In 2014 Strange Party Orchestra's music and Orfeas Scutelis' visuals were put together in a story based in the industrial age. THE FACTORY focuses on a travel inside the emotions of the people working at the factory, includes and explores the environment and atmosphere that is exposed at the factory.

Project Details

  • Theatre play by Strange Party Orchestra and Orfeas Scutelis (SRB)
  • Presented in coorporation with Kosztolanyi Dezs√∂ Theater, Subotica, Serbia
  • Music and sounds by Strange Party Orchestra
  • Visuals by Orfeas Scutelis
  • Mimic dance performed by Henrietta Varga and Denes Debrei (HUN/SRB)


In 2015 Strange Party Orchestra composed music for the film Minotaur.

Project Details

  • Feature film by Szabolcs Tolnai (HUN/SRB)
  • Presented in competition at International Filmfestival Rotterdam 2016